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She had a beautiful and long neck. Turtlenecks were made for such things as they made her look more beautiful and so gracious

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2023-03-29 18:17:19
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Q: Why does Martha Mccallum always wear turtlenecks?
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Because he was bitten by a monkey, and has a bad scar on his neck...

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She was anorexic and her neck was aged.

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Why did katharine hepburn wear turtlenecks?

She had a beautiful and long neck. Turtlenecks were made for such things as they made her look more beautiful and so gracious. Scarves and turtlenecks are worn in all forms of weather including very hot, often by those that are heroin addicts that inject straight into the neck. Very dangerous way of injecting heroin, but then these heroin users have to cover their necks. Meth addicts do it too. But Hepburn wore turtlenecks because she had a beautiful neck, and she knew how to make herself look great! If Ralph Lauren only had her as a model for his turtleneck sweaters! yes.

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