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One of the important lessons of the Harry Potter books is that while death is an unpleasant reality, death itself is not a problem - but the fear of death is.

Voldemort's whole power comes from the fear of death. Both Voldemort's own (Tom Riddle is terrified of dying), and the fear of death which the Deatheaters can discover in others.

When Lily Evans faces down Voldemort to protect the infant Harry - when Lily loses her fear of Death - Voldemort receives his first great wound.

Then, as the Boy Who Lived grows, Harry inspires those around him to lose their fear of death, and finally conquers his own - marking the end of Voldemort's reign.

Dumbledore is the first of the books' major characters to disregard death on his route to conquering Voldemort. But Dobby also has learned that there are things which are more important than mere existence. Even a house-elf has discovered reserves of courage which most of the officers at the Ministry of Magic are still too frightened to look for.

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Dobby got killed because he was defending Harry and his friends. He was killed when Bellatrix Lestrange threw her knife at he and Harry's friends while Apparating with them-and the knife struck poor Dobby the House Elf in the chest.

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Mainly because Bellatrix Lestrange killed him.

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Q: Why does dobby have to die he was your fav character?
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No, Dobby is a character from books 2 and 7 of Harry Potter

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The book series that has a character in it called Dobby is Harry Potter. Dobby is a house elf that served the Malfoy family but became a free elf when harry tricked them into freeing him.

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The character of Dobby first appears in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (the second book/film).

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sadly,no.dobby does not die Beatrix throws a knife at harry but it hits dobby instead it was a very sad moment but they wrapped a cloth around dobby and buried him and on his tombstone said "here lies dobby a free elf" but i know dobby died happily because he saved harry potter =..( but i know that they all <3 dobby

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