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Bessie Smith was a phenomenal singer and she enjoyed milkshakes and bacon between songs.


Oh give me a break! LOL. She was indeed a phenomenal singer as well as dancer, comedian, etc. She was "strictly show biz" as her niece stated. There are many interesting, hysterically funny, bawdy facts about Bessie Smith. Read Chris Albertson's book, "Bessie" or get the CD of her nieces interviews. Very funny stuff.

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She was a phenomenal singer. Janis Joplin credited Bessie Smith for her becoming a singer herself, as well as believed she was the reincarnation of Bessie Smith. Janis bought Smith a tomb stone, as Bessie Smith had none.

Bessie Smith never had a singing lesson in her life, unless you'd like to believe through a good hopping gossip church helped mold her style some.

Bessie loved potato salad, grits, apple pie, pork-n-beans, and mushroom Pizza, and rabbit stew.

Bessie sang the blues away to herself whilst soaking in a hot bath on rainy days sipping tea and-day dreamin' 'bout tomorries gardening.

Bessie popped her lover upside the head once for knocking the her feathers off her dresser in a jealous rage. He couldn't handle the pressure of seeing her popularity grow, as he was merely a factory worker for horse feed. She dumped him like a hot potato soon afterwards.

Bessie was born in the river banks of the Mississippi river.

Bessie loved polk-a-dots.

She also loved to tapdance.

Vanilla milk shakes, bacon and fries were her favorite snack between sets.

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