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Q: Why is Taylor Lautner so tan?
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What genre is apologize by Taylor Lautner?

Taylor lautner is so sexy

What color are Taylor Lautner's parents?

white. hes just incredibly tan and ...............HOT

What is Taylor Lautner's food?

Taylor Lautner has no food Allergies so there you go

What is the color of Taylor Lautner's skin?

taylor lautner is tan and he was born like that and he is half native american

What is Taylor Lautner's food allergies?

Taylor Lautner has no food allergies so there you go

What is Taylor Lautner full name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner Taylor Daniel Lautner

Is Taylor swift going to marry Taylor Lautner and both will be Taylor Lautner equals Taylor swift plus Taylor Lautner equals Taylor Lautner?

no, they broke up. But if they had stayed together and gotten married in theory they would both be Taylor Lautner. These days many women keep their maiden name when they get married. So if Taylor S. had so chosen she would remain Taylor Swift.

What is Taylor Lautner's real name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner is Taylor Lautner's full birth name; his real name is Taylor Lautner.

Who is the song back to December supposedly about?

It's about how Taylor misses being with Taylor Lautner. She wants to go back to December (when she broke up with him) so she can change everything. She misses him as a person because she says, "I miss your tan skin, your sweet smile..." Hope this helps. :)

Is Taylor Lautner gay?

No Taylor Lautner is not gay

What is Taylor Lautner's Facebook?

Taylor Lautner's official facebook account: hope this helps!

Is bill lautner Taylor Lautners father?

No, Bill Lautner is not Taylor Lautner's father. Taylor Lautner's father is named Daniel Lautner.