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Because he doesn't know about it. The Cartoons are made like that you never know how they make it.

Another AnswerDonald Duck was dressed in a sailor suit because he was a water fowl. Notice that Daffy Duck of the same period was not dressed. This was a sign of the times in animation during the 1940's and 50's.

Since Donald was "dressed" with his shirt, when the shirt was removed he would be unacceptable thing in the 50's. So if he went swimming, the shirt ("uniform") went and swim trunks were substituted.

Yes, those are swim trunks popular during the middle 20th century, not shorts. Men wore the bathing trunks to the beach or swimming pool only. Shorts were for children under the age of 15. Men wore slacks at all times except for the excursion to a swimming venue.

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Q: Why is it that Donald Duck never wears any pants but when he goes swimming he puts on shorts?
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