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Q: Why was Caesarea built?
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How do you say caesarea in English?


When did Dorothea of Caesarea die?

Dorothea of Caesarea died in 311.

When did Hyacinth of Caesarea die?

Hyacinth of Caesarea died in 120.

When did Basil of Caesarea die?

Basil of Caesarea died on 379-01-01.

Where is Caesarea?


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How do you say caesarea in English?


What city did Herod the Great build?

Herod the Great built Caesarea. A deep water port on the coast of Judea.

What is the population of Caesarea?

Caesarea's population is 4,400.

When did Battle of Caesarea happen?

Battle of Caesarea happened in 1067.

When did Emmelia of Caesarea die?

Emmelia of Caesarea died in 375.

When did Marinus of Caesarea die?

Marinus of Caesarea died in 262.

When did Eusebius of Caesarea die?

Eusebius of Caesarea died in 339.

When was Mammes of Caesarea born?

Mammes of Caesarea was born in 259.

When did Mammes of Caesarea die?

Mammes of Caesarea died in 275.

When was Pamphilus of Caesarea born?

Pamphilus of Caesarea was born in 2##.

When was Amanita caesarea created?

Amanita caesarea was created in 1801.

When was Basil of Caesarea born?

Basil of Caesarea was born in 329.