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Because she was a good as Singer at her time '

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why is a good role model for you

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Q: Why was Celia Cruz so famous?
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What instrument did celia cruz play?

Celia Cruz was famous for salsa.

Who is a famous person from Cuba?

Celia Cruz

How did Celia Cruz pay for her books?

Celia Cruz is so f'n hot, I fuckedd her twice.

What profession does Celia Cruz work in?

Celia Cruz died from brain cancer back in 2003, so she currently doesn't have a profession. Prior to her death she was a famous Cuban-American salsa performer.

What has the author Celia Cruz written?

Celia Cruz has written: 'Celia'

Why did celia cruz die?

celia cruz died of cancer

Did celia cruz parents die?

Celia cruz prents died

How did celia cruz die?

Celia Cruz died of brain cancer.

What happened to Celia Cruz husband?

celia cruz got married with Pedro Nai.

When was Celia Cruz born?

Celia Cruz was born on October 21, 1924.

What is celia cruz full name?

celia de la caridad cruz

What are 3 famous salsa singers?

Celia Cruz Hector Lavoe Johnny Pacheco