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It is a very scary, controversial movie, and, quite frankly governments in some countries considered it much too graphic, and they thought it might be too much for the general public. When they first showed it in theaters in 1973, people were throwing up and running out of the movie theater. It was banned in Finland, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, and a couple others, I think. It is really a very disturbing move, and it is not for the faint-hearted, but it's also a really great movie, and I love it. But a lot of people really can't handle some of the things showed in this movie. Hope this helps. =)

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The film "The Exorcist" was not banned in America. It was a huge hit in theaters.

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Occult plot content. the fact that the movie had a Jesuit Priest from the S.J. as a technical advisor evidentally did not spare the movie. some things well, just Beat the Devil!

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Quite a few areas and theatres refused to show the movie The Exorcist when it first came out because they considered the content to be too controversial.

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Q: Why was the book The Exorcist banned?
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The movie, The Exorcist, was banned in 1986 under the Video Recordings Act because it was said to be too scary for home viewing, especially the fact that it can be a very trying experience for young girls.The original teaser trailer, which consisted of nothing but images of the white-faced demon quickly flashing in and out of darkness, was banned in many theaters, as it was deemed "too frightening".Tunis, Feb 24.--The Government censorship board today banned the American film The Exorcist on the ground that it presents "unjustified" propaganda in favour of Christianity.

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