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He really wanted to communicate with the DeLacey family (the cottagers he was watching and helping).

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Q: Why was the creature anxious to learn how to talk In Mary Shelly Frankenstein?
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What did the Frankenstein creature learn from the Delacey family?

How to speak frenchthat families are good.

How did the creature learn what he looked like in Frankenstein?

After watching the family for a time the monster catches a glimpse of his reflection in a stream.

How did the creature in frakenstein learn to speak?

In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," the creature learns to speak by observing a rural family and their interactions. He listens to their conversations and mimics their words and phrases, gradually picking up language skills through observation and practice.

Why is Rikki anxious to learn where nagaina has hidden her eggs?

he was anxious to learn where did nagaina had hidden her eggs because he wanted to eat them .

What is the name of the narrator of Frankenstein?

billy-bob Joel

How did the creature learn that the cottagers had moved out of their cottage in frankensyein?

In "Frankenstein," the creature overheard Felix discussing why the people had moved away from the cottage. They left because of their fear of the monster. When he heard the explanation, he became enraged and set the empty building on fire.

Who was Felix in the novel Frankeinstein by Mary Shelley?

In "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, Felix is a supporting character who is a member of the De Lacey family. He is a kind and compassionate man who helps the creature learn about language and human culture. Felix plays a significant role in the creature's development and understanding of the world.

How does frankenstiein's creature learn how to speak and read?

In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," the creature learns to speak and read through observation and exploration. He observes and imitates the interactions of the De Lacey family, who he secretly watches, and finds books that he takes the time to study on his own. Through this process of self-education, the creature eventually becomes proficient in language and literacy.

What did the monster want from Frankenstein?

In the book, the creature wanted the doctor to make him a bride, when the doctor refused, the creature sought revenge. In the 1930s movie, the monster wanted to kill the doctor. The idea for a bride came in the second movie.

What is 7 letter word of eager to learn?


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What skill does the monster first learn in Frankenstein's?

to be self-aware.