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theme parks are made because it is a different thrill and it gives people a sense of false danger. it is a different high for people

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Q: Why were the theme parks made?
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Why was the Six Flags theme park made?

The Six Flags theme parks were made to make money.

Does Asia have theme parks?

Asia does have theme parks.

Do Asians have theme parks?

In Japan there are many theme parks to be found.

Is Australia's Queensland famous for its theme parks?

Queensland, Australia does have numerous theme parks, but whether it is regarded as "famous" for its theme parks is debatable. Theme parks include:Sea WorldDreamWorldMovie WorldWet 'n' Wild

Where can you get Vouchers for theme parks?

You can get vouchers for loads of places such as theme parks on

Are there any theme parks in Montana?

I've been researching Montana because I'm thinking of moving there. No matter where I looked there were no theme parks only water parks. One place told me point blank that there are no theme parks/amusement parks in Montana. There are no theme parks in Montana. Lots of National Parks, though.

What state in the US has the most theme parks?

Florida. Orlando, FL has the most theme parks.

Are Florida Theme Parks open in May?

The Disney theme parks are open year round

What are some of the more popular theme parks at the Gold Coast?

There are many popular theme parks at the Gold Coast. Examples of the most popular theme parks at the Gold Coast include Dreamworld Theme Park and Crystal Castle Theme Park.

Who opened Walt Disney theme parks?

Walt Disney was the creator of Walt Disney theme parks.

What campaign did Disney launch in their theme parks in 2009?

In 2009, the Disney theme parks launched the "What Will You Celebrate?" campaign.

Why are theme parks so important?

Theme parks are so impotant because they provide joy for your health benefits.