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The answer is: sometimes yes, sometimes no. The chief advantage that high speed ferries have over monohulls for minimizing sea sickness is that they make crossings much faster than traditional ferries, therefore limiting passengers' exposure to uncomfortable sea conditions. Whereas monohulls are more comfortable in head seas (seas that run in a direction opposite that of the vessel), catamarans are often more comfortable in other sea directions. Catamarans are particularly uncomfortable when running into a sea on the forward quarters (seas that face the vessel, just at an angle to either side of the vessel). HOWEVER, catamarans are often now equipped with something called ride control that can smooth out the ride to the point that it is better than a monohull in all conditions. Ride control is typically actuated flaps, one per hull, most often hanging off the stern(s). Because there are two hulls to attach these flaps to, spread a good distance apart, the ride control flaps are very capable of keeping the roll of the vessel flattened out. Additional ride control elements now often on high speed ferries are "T-foils", inverted Ts hanging from beneath the forward portion of the catamaran hulls. In combination with stern flaps, passengers are granted a pretty smooth ride in even harsh conditions. So, in summary, catamarans have a better chance of limiting sea sickness primarily through the shortening of time that one is exposed to uncomfortable seas. However, if there is not ride control, catamarans can still deliver as, if not more, uncomfortable motion as monohulls depending on sea direction. Also, more important than type of vessel is the route of the vessel. There are many situations where monohulls run on more protected routes to the same destination of a high speed ferry and therefore are simply challenged less by mother nature. Good luck!

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Q: Will a fast ferry make you more seasick than a conventional ferry?
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