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To be able to rate your deck i would have to view it. Since i can not view your deck from here then i can not give you an accurate ratting at this time.

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Q: Will you rate my deck
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Can you rate my dragon deck?

Yes, I could rate your dragon deck if I could see it

Rate or fix this machina gadget Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

I will rate your deck with some of my experience of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. List your cards below and I will rate them.

Can you rate my six samurai deck?

it stinks

Could you rate my deck?

Yes I will, just list every card in your deck and I will begin rating your deck and I will offer improvements if necessary.

Can someone rate your tournament deck?

if you show it to me, yes i will

Rate or Fix this Yu-gi-oh Deck?

.01/100 worst deck in the history of yugioh

Can you rate my removal deck?

i can't rate it,but you can add dimensional prison,d.d. survivor,and macro helios.

Rate your Morphtronic deck?

my morphtronic deck always needs improving in order to keep up with the game just like everyone else. but, my deck does win tournament matches so, my deck is competitive.

Can you rate my deck?

Ignore the last guy. If you want to ask questions like this, when there are forums devoted to yu-gi-oh, then do it. If you show me your deck i will gladly rate it. And tell you my suggestions to make it better

Rate this Red magic the gathering burn deck?

Could the asker please direct us to a decklist for the deck itself? We can't help until that happens.

Rate my just bought Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Well I would but I don't know what's in it.

Can somebody rate this yugioh deck and help make it better cheaply and not over 10?

Whats your deck? I like to make my deck with if you're going for 40 cards 20 monsters(usually 11 level 4 and 9 tribute summons) and then 20 spells/traps I'll look at your deck if you tell me what they are