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520 miles per hour equates to 836.9 km per hour.

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Q: A 747 jetliner is crusing at a speed of 520 miles per hour. What is the speed in kilometers per hour?
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Speed of an average jet planes in mph?

The speed of a commercial jetliner is around 560 miles per hour.

What is the crusing speed of a md87?

503 mph or 0.65 mach

What is the average take off speed of a commercial jetliner?


What is the maximum flight speed of a Boeing 747-300 jetliner?

Max speed is 0.92 mach.

If the speed limit is 45 kilometers what is the speed limit in miles?

28 miles per hour. ( aprox )

1990 Toyota Camry with a rough idle?

I have 200,+ miles on the car. I change the plugs and wires yet it runs rough at idle and runs smooth at crusing speed. What can i do?

What is wind speed measured by?

Kilometers/Miles per hour

How fast is 130 km?

130 kilometers is not a speed, but a distance. A speed would be expressed, for example, in kilometers per hour, kilometers per minute, or kilometers per second. In case you are more accustomed to miles, dividing the kilometers by 1.6 gives you the approximate equivalent in miles.

If the speed limit is 55 kilometers then what is the limit in miles?

55 km = 34.18 miles

What is the cruising speed of a Concord jet?

The crusing speed of the concord jet is Mach 2, or 1,336 mph (2,150 kph).

What is the crusing speed of a gulfstream g550?

The cruising speed of a G550 is 488 knots (562 mph - 904 km/h)

When EARTH moves at a very fast speed why does we are not able to feel that speed?

You can't feel speed. You can only feel changes in speed. That's how you're able to read a book on a moving train, and have a comfortable nap on a jetliner flying 7 miles above the ground at 400 mph.