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If the sun can get through but no one can see in then the room is glass opaque. An opaque room will prevent others from seeing in.

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Q: A room has large windows without curtains and the sunlight makes the room bright but no one can see in so is he glass opaque translucent or transparent?
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How are translucent windows different from transparent windows?

transparent windows you can see through them and translucent you cant see through them

What Things that are transparent?

3 things that are translucent are windows, a glass lid, and a glass jar.

What is the definition of 'translucent'?

It means partly transparent or allowing light to pass through partially translucent is like thick glass or paper, it allows light through but it is NOT seethrough like transparent windows.

What are the use of curtains?

I was watching a movie. And suddenly curtains opened.

Is plastic bag translucent?

Depends on the bag, but under most circumstances. Generally "Shopping bags" are a white plastic, that is not translucent. To define: allowing light to pass through diffusely; "translucent amber"; "semitransparent curtains at the windows" Now, some zipper bags are translucent, as are some sandwich baggies, etc. IN OTHER WORDS YES!

What is the main reason why glass is used to make window?

so that the sunlight could pass through the windows as the glass is transparent.

If clear is transparent what is opaque?

Transparent is when something is completely see through, such as normal windows you find. Opaque is when something is only partially see through, I think another work for this is translucent, but im not entirely sure. An example is something such as a net curtain, which is'nt completely transparent, but you are able to see through it.

What does the word transparent mean?

Clarion, halcyon, undimmed, cloudless, bright...Transparent is another word for clear. Windows are typically clear. Clear windows allow automobile drives to see and remain protected while driving.

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Transparent Stained-Glass Windows was created in 2002.

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What are the main use of curtains?

Curtains are used to cover windows,decorations,and for table cloth

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Clearance curtains have the same use as normal curtains, which is to cover windows. The main difference is that clearance curtains are sold at clearance sales.