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Q: A table tennis ball with a mass of 0.003 kg and a soccer ball with a mass of 0.43 kg are both set in motion at 16 ms. calculate and compare the momenta of both balls?
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Newtons 3 laws apply to soccer?

1st law:Newton's first law of Inertia can be seen in many ways. The most common are:1) The force of gravity pulling down on the player2) The (equal and opposite) force of the ground pushing back on the player3) Gravity pushing down on the soccer ball4) The ground pushing back up on the soccer ballAfter the ball is in the air, inertia is acting upon it too:1) Ball being pulled back down toward Earth from gravity2) Ball slowing down in the air from the Friction, or air resistance2nd law:As a player runs and dribble the ball he pushes and run with varying momentum (velocity) therefore, in a specific time frame. He experiences a rate of change of momentum. thus give rise to a resultant force. Evident if he runs and runs straight.3rd law:Newton's thrid law of motion is played out in soccer when the ball has been kicked. We do not really notice this, but the ball is actually pushing back on the foot after it has been kicked, but as we are much bigger than the soccer ball it will go flying. The force of the ball against our foot is equal and oppositeto the force of the player.

What will happen if Soccer ball on airplane?

If a soccer ball that is filled up with air is stored in an unpressurized area (like a cargo hold) of an airplane, the ball can split apart.

Is a soccer field measured in inches feet yards or miles?

Yards would be suitable for measuring a soccer field.

Precision kicking - the most critical move in soccer?

Kicking the ball with precision is one of the most critical moves in the sport of soccer. It is also important to be able to tackle well.

What is an example of general to specific analogy?

72 : Number :: Soccer : Sport

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What are some reasons that knowing about projectile motion might help you score a soccer goal?

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