Are people ghosts to ghosts

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nobody really knows that ghosts exist in the first place. So to speculate whether we appear to ghosts as ghosts is jumping the gun. So far there is no proof at all that ghosts are real. Until there is, it's perfectly rational to conclude they are not real.

I think they are not real!

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GHOSTS R REAL

you are apsilutly right ghost are very real there are ghost everywhere!

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Q: Are people ghosts to ghosts
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Do normal people become ghosts?

There are no ghosts.

How many people believe in ghosts?

Their are a lot of people that believe in ghosts, and their are a lot of people who don't believe in ghosts. No one really knows how many people believe in ghosts, but mostly thousands believe in ghosts. Some people can sense their presence, and the negative energy they bring.

Can people make ghosts happy?

Ghosts do not exist

Are there ghosts in colonial times?

People BELIEVED in ghosts during Colonial times. Does not mean that there WERE ghosts.

How do ghosts appear?

Ghosts can't appear, there people's imagination!

Are heaven ghosts scary?

No because heaven ghosts don't haunt people down like other ghosts. Heaven ghosts are angels because they came down from heaven to help people.

Have you seen ghosts?

Ghosts have not been proven to be real, but some people claim to have seen ghosts and poltergeists.

Are ghosts really dead people from wars?

Ghosts are people who have died and wished to come back to Earth. So yes, there are ghosts of warmen/women and children.

Do ghosts really come in people?

yes ghosts come in people because i saw with my own eyes

Why are people fascinated by ghosts?

People are so fascinated by ghosts because they are an entity that we can't understand why or how they exist.

Can Jennifer Love Hewitt talk to ghosts?

When people die, unfortunate though it is, they do not become ghosts. Ghosts do not exist and neither can they be communicated with. Ghosts are not real.

Are there 6-8 ghosts in a haunted house?

It does not necessarily have to be 6-8 ghosts. It depends on how big the house is and how many people lived there. The more people the more ghosts.