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No they're as hard as any other average class would be, it requires a lot of reading/writing/understanding skills and discussion skills

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Q: Are political science classes hard
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Is political science is hard?

sort of if your average or bad at science.

What to do to get excelence in science?

study hard,attend and listen in all classes.

Can you teach with a BA in political science?

Yes you can, provided you hard a good class.

How science relate to political science?

Political science is a science.

Is political science hard to study?

Every Field is difficult, never underestimate any...

What has the author Jeffry L Radel written?

Jeffry L. Radel has written: 'Political facts and perceptions' -- subject(s): Research, Political culture, History, Political science, Social classes

What is the relationship of political science with other branches of science?

Very limited, political science is a social science just like economics and there is some overlap with components of psychology as well. You may find more overlap with philosophy but I would find it hard pressed to define that as science.

Is political science as a socail science?

Yes, political science is a social science.

How is political science both an art and science?

Political science is not an art. It is a science.

What classes should you take in high school if you want to be a lawyer?

Public speaking, debate team, political science (if your high school has it).

What classes should be taken in college to become a secretary to a US ambassador?

History, political science, sociology, business, to name a few.

Political science is science or not. Information about it?

No, Science is present even before our birth but Political science is not. Political science is related with social studies.