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a binary system of counting in ones and zero's


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Q: Aryabhata was one of the first scientists known to have used?
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What scientists first used the term cell?


What was the first magnitude scale used by scientists?

Richter scale

What process do scientists used to answer questions about the world?

That process is officially known as the scientific method.

Scientists used simple materials to build the first microscope Which materials were used?

Mirror and candle :]

How did scientists discover that atoms contained a nucleus?

Well, first of all scientific hygrenals used by scientists made it easy to discover it.

What do scientists mix chemicals in?

Scientists typically mix their chemicals in a piece of equipment known as a beaker. It is a glass container that is used for heating, mixing, and stirring liquid chemicals.

What scientific method were used by the scientists who studied the structure of DNA?

Rosalind Franklin & Willins were the first to spot light on the DNA structure by using the technique known asd X-Ray crystallography

Before advanced technology scientists used simple materials to build the first microscope Which materials were used?

a magaified lens

Which scientist was one of the first scientists to successfully used a telescope to observe the night sky?


The scientists first used the term cell to describe the basic units of life?

Robert Hooke

What is the system of measuring units used by scientists?

SI system is used by scientists. It is one of the standard system adopted by scientists.

What were amphetamines first used for?

Amphetamines known to the Chinese as ma huang, was first used as a treatment for asthma.

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