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Many people all over the world have experiences an Out of Body Experience. It is up to you to believe those people or not. You can try to induce an Out of Body Experience yourself, which is harmless, for example by using the well-known Monroe technique, or buying tapes that alter your brain wave frequency (such as hemi-sync tapes). However, none of this is scientifically acknowledged or proven.

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Q: Can people have out of body experiences?
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Why don't people believe in religious experiences?

Because most people don't believe that religious experiences are real. Most religious experiences (i.e. Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences) have been scientifically proved to be natural in their causes and aren't religious in any way. (NOTE: I am a Hindu)

How many people have had out of body experiences?

Surveys on the general public usually find 5-20% of people asked have had them.

What does outer body experiences means in bible?

The bible doesn't refer specifically to out of body experiences.

Why do people seem to be immune to their own body odor?

People tend to seem immune to their body odor because their nose is typically affected as well as their body so if their body experiences sweat then their nose will also.

Does it mean that your soul left your body if you died and your eyes turned black then the doctors brought you back?

Many people have claimed out-of-body experiences when they were near death. Though I don't know what your eyes turning black has to do with that.Of course, there is considerable debate about what exactly happens when people have these experiences.

John Locke ideas suggest that people were?

Modled by their experiences.

Is the fourth dimension and out of body experiences related?


How many Americans are reported to have had 'Out-of-Body-Experiences' in the last four decades?

Many Americans claim to have had 'out-of-body experiences' but, many claim it for attention or to get broadcasted on television. There's also different KINDS of 'out-of-body experiences' such as drugs and alcohol, paranormal phenomena and trauma and crisis'.

What experiences did he have?

theres alot of experiences that alot of people have and i had a good one on friday!

When can an Out of Body Experience occur?

Some women have out of body experiences in very intense sex.

What is the word to describe seeing the world as if from a detached state outside the body?

Out of body experiences?

What are sensory experiences?

Sensory experiences include touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, smell, taste, and the pull of gravity.

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