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A mixture of salt and sugar can be separated by using an organic solvent to dissolve the sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, it can be separated by filtering the salt from the liquid sugar.

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Q: Can water separate salt from sugar?
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How can you separate salt and sugar from the water?

The solution of salt is not as the solution of sugar

How do you separate a mixture of salt sugar and water?

It's not going to be super easy. Column chromatography could separate the salt and sugar, followed by distillation/evaporation to separate the water and salt.

How do you separate sugar and salt from water?

Evaporate the water, suger and salt will be left behind.

How can you separate salt and sugar?

You cant separate them, because if you try to add water they will both dissolve and if you try to evaporate the water you will be left with both the salt and sugar again.

How can you separate sugar and salt from water using filter paper?

I don't think you can if sugar or salt has already dissolved.But if there are too much sugar or salt, it will crystallize and you can use filter paper to separate them.

Can water be used to separate salt from sugar?

No because sugar is organic and will dissolve in organic solvents such as achol salt will not.

How can we separate salt and sugar?

You can separate dry salt and sugar by adding alcohol.

What do you do to separate sugar and salt?

Put the mixture in alcohol and only the sugar will dissolve, then you can take the salt out, and when the water evaporates, the sugar will be left.

How can you seperate salt and sugar?

it is higly improbably to separate salt and sugar and keep them both however sugar dissovles in water unlike salt so add water and you will end up with just salt

Why is it difficult to totally separate two or more soluble solids by filtration and crystallization?

because both are soluble which means that they desolve in water. like sugar in water becomes sugar water. but sugar and salt inwater becomes sugar salt water. you cant separate them

How do you separate salt from sugar?

You can separate salt from sugar by using organic solvents. What this will do is dissolve the sugar and leave the salt, which can then be filtered.

How do you separate dry salt and grain sugar?

add water and then boil it.

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