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no it will start on fire since it is a adisve and has achol in it

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Q: Can you put out a fire with duct tape?
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What impact did duct tape have on people?

you can put duct tape on you car to fix your bumper

How do you get rid of worts?

You can put duct tape on it. It sounds crazy,but duct tape suffucates the wart.

Can you put duct tape on your cell phone?

Yes, you can put duct tape on your cell phone. If you have a battery door or something else that won't stay in place, duct tape can help. And it won't affect the operation of the unit.

Is duct tape flammable?

Yes, duct tape is flammable because it is made of a combination of materials such as cloth or plastic with an adhesive backing. When exposed to heat or flames, duct tape can catch fire and burn. It is important to store duct tape away from heat sources and open flames.

Which tape is stronger electric tape or duct tape?

I would say duct tape. Duct tape has considerably stronger adhesive than electric tape. On the other hand, electric tape will stretch when put in tension when duct tape may just tear - so it depends on the type of strength you are looking for.

A kind of heavy tape?

A kind of heavy tape is called duct tape

How do you package duct tape?

You put it in a box, then fold the flaps, then tape it shut.

Should you put duct tape in with your hamster?

no they can die

How do you put a radio in your go kart?

duct tape

Duct tape business names?

Duct-Tape-Tastic Duct-Tape-Tacular

Has anyone cut duct tape with the cricut machine?

Yes. I put duct tape on the sticky mat and put pressure on 5 and needle speed on 2 or 3.

How do you make a cupcake out of duct tape?

you take a cupcake wrapper and put duct tape around it. Then you take a large enough ball (not to large and not to small ) make sure it fits perfectly in the holder then wrap it around with duct tape. Simple