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Q: Did they have computers in 1864?
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What year did the computer come out?

Analog computers were developed in the late 1920s.Digital computers were developed in the early 1940s.

When boys under 10 were banned to be chimney sweep what year was it?

1864 by queen victoria

How do you multiply 1864 times 27?


When was Lincoln reelected?

Abraham Lincoln was reelected in 1864.

Who were 3 people to get the Medal of Honor in 1864?

Sergeant J. Henry Dening, USMC, 1864. Sergeant James Roantree, USMC, 1864. Sergeant Michael Hudson, USMC, 1864.

How do you make a factor tree for 1864?

1864 932,2 466,2,2 233,2,2,2

When did Battle of the Wilderness happen?

Battle of the Wilderness happened in 1864.

What is the value of 1864 silver dollar?

What is the value of an 1864 silver dollar.

When was Sherman's March to the Sea?

November 15th 1864- December 21st 1864

When was the sherman march to the sea?

November 15th 1864- December 21st 1864

What century was AD 1864?

AD 1864 was the 19th century (1800-1899).

What is contract labor act of 1864?

Last Amendment Became Though 1864