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Na, Sodium

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Q: Element obtained commercially from sea water?
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What are some elements that are obtained commercially from sea water?

Sodium, Chloride, magnesium, and bromine

How can salt be obtained if it is no longer commercially available?

By collecting some sea water, pouring into a wide metal or glass tray and heating it until the water evaporates

How do you get salt from the sea?

Evaporating the water from sea waters crystallized sodium chloride is obtained.

How does salt get from the sea?

By evaporation of water sodium chloride is obtained.

What is the element name for sea water?

There is no such thing as an "element" for sea water. Sea water is primarily water, H20 (a compound) with various other compounds (ie, salts) in solution.

What can be obtained by the evaporation of sea water?

sodium ******************* Salt

What does magnesium come from?

Magnesium is obtained from sea water

How is salt obtainted from sea?

Sea water is enclosed in a closed area. Water is evaporated and then salt is obtained.

How is water obtained in Antarctica?

Water is available from melted ice, or from desalinated sea water.

What gas that obtained sea water?

I think its mercury

How is pure water obtained from sea water in Africa?

they can get the sea water into a chamber then evaporate it and make it go through a pipe then condense it into someing

How does salt and sugar water evaporation useful in the world?

Salt can be obtained by evaporation of sea water.