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A light colored or highly polished metallic surface will reflect a lot of heat (which is primarily infrared radiation). Some people in sunny places put a folding windshield screen up inside their car. The best ones have what looks like shiny aluminum foil on them to reflect the heat.

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The plastic or glass behind the bulb in automobile headlights. Mirrors. Metalic surfaces with good surface smoothness.

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There are many reflectors that are rough surfaces, however typically a smooth surface offers better reflection. One example is wood, both finished and unfinished.

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Q: Example of a reflector with a rough surface?
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which is a better reflector of light-a black surface or a white surface

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Name the type of a reflector with a smooth surface?


Name a type of reflector with a smooth surface?

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Has a reflecting surface that curves outward?

A convex reflector.

What is a reflector of heat?

For example aluminium.

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