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oooo ;fuels are useful because they help to power things like cars and planes.coal is a fuel and it can help power a steam train or light a fire.

Also some fuels can be re-used

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Q: Explain how fuels provide energy?
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Why do buses burn fuels to make new substances or to provide energy?

it has 2 be provide energy hi joe

Why are fossil fuels mainly used?

they provide the most energy efficiently

What two fuels provide half of the energy used in Canada?

gas and oil

What do solar energy and fossil fuels have in common?

They both provide power for the world.

What three fossil fuels do you burn to provide electric energy?

coal, gas and oil

Fossil fuels are naturally occurring compounds that undergo what to provide energy?

combination reactions

Explain why some areas of the earth experience an energy surplus while others experience an energy deficit?

Are you referring to fossil fuels or solar energy?

Explain that different fuels have different calorific value and the consequences of this?

Different fuels have different calorific values means that the different fuels have different energy contents. The consequence of this is that for a given energy output, more fuel is required with the liower calorific fuel.

What comes with getting fossil fules such as coal from the earth?

Fossil Fuels are used to provide to energy to perform work. Such as using coal to provide energy for a train to work.

How does the burning of fossil fuels provide the primary energy source for most of modern society?

Well when you burn fossil fuels you get alot of the energy that we use like petroluem, natural gas, and coal.

Do fossil fuels provide a large amount of thermal energy per unit of mass?


Explain the type of energy released when fossil fuels are burned?

Basically the same as when any substance burns. Mainly heat energy.