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Rapid population growth is influenced by a number of factors. The higher the population grows, the more pollution the environment will experience due to the increased level of human activities.

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Factors the have created rapid population growth can vary but some are; low mortality rate, high Immigration rate, high birth rate. Also harsh economic times in a country which causes a chain reaction that includes; lower education, lower income jobs, which leads to poorer Birth Control methods if none at all (this can be debated).

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There are many causes for uncontrolled population growth such as lack of education, no rules for controlling population, high sexual desire, people avoid the use of condoms and contraceptive pills for economic or religious reasons.

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A. High ignorance about resources available and future of child produced.

B. Higher life expectancy/ lower mortality rate due to medical advances.

C. Using child as labour/ increasing labour force for cultivation etc. in remote societies.

D. Religious Reasons: Multiple wives, not using birth control.

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Q: Explain the causes of population growth?
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