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  • The electrons are in orbitals, each orbital can take two electrons and each electron would have an opposite spin. Orbitals can have no electrons, one electron or be filled with two electrons.
  • Orbitals are arranged in energy levels. However, even in the same energy level different orbitals will have different energy despite being in the same main energy level.
  • The energy level nearest the nucleus has 1 orbital: 1s
  • The next energy level, the second energy level has four orbitals: 2s and three p orbitals. The 2p orbitals have more energy than the 2s orbital. The third energy level has 3s x1; 3p x 3 and 3d x 5 however, the 3d orbitals have an energy which actually places them in the fourth energy level between 4s and 4p. It gets complicated.
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Energy level means the circular path or ORBIT around the nucleus associated with electrons, while orbit also means the same thing. It does not really matter which term you use to describe the path of the electrons in an atom.

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There are actually many orbits per energy level. The number of orbits per energy level increases as you get farther away from the nucleus.

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Q: Explain the relationship between electrons orbitals and energy levels?
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How are electrons inolved in bonding between atoms?

The electrons are shared in the last orbitals of both atoms thus binding them together

What is the sharing of electrons between atoms to fill their outer orbitals called?

Formation of covalent bonds.

What is the difference between bonding and anti bonding molecular orbital?

Electrons in a bonding orbital have lower energy levels than the average energy of a valence electrons in the isolated atoms between which the orbital is formed. Antibonding orbitals do not meet this criterion, so that anitbonding orbitals can be stable only in conjunction with bonding orbitals, whereas bonding orbitals can be formed without any accompanying antibonding orbitals.The molecular orbitals which is formed by the addition of atomic orbitals is called bonding molecular orbitals.The molecular orbitals which is formed by the subtraction of atomic orbitals is called antibonding molecular orbitals.

What is the difference between a valence electron and a shielding electron?

Valence electrons are electrons on the outermost shell/orbitals. Sheilding electrons are inner electrons that block valence electrons from protons causing less attraction.

What is the maximum number of electrons that the f sublevel can hold?

f has 14 electrons in 7 sublevel orbitals,d has 10 electrons in 5 sublevel orbitals,p has 6 electrons in 3 sublevel orbitals,s has 2 electrons in 1 sublevel orbital.

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sp3 sp3 orbitals overlap Could you please explain why? :) Thank you!!

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What do electrons do in Bohr's model of atoms?

In Bohr's atomic model, electrons are in specific orbitals (NOT orbits), which are at specific energy levels. An electron can go directly from one orbital to another, but it can never be in-between any two orbitals. The energy level of these orbitals is specified by angular momentum being quantized.

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None, light is composed of photons. Light may be emitted or absorbed when electrons undergo transitions between atomic or molecular orbitals, but the light itself does not contain electrons.

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