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Three carbon atoms can be arranged in a triangle (cyclopropane), an approximately 109 degree angle (propane), a 120 degree angle (propene), or linearly (propyne).

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Q: Geometric formula for three carbon atoms?
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What is the complete structural formula of an alkane with three carbon atoms?

The alkane containing 3 carbon atoms is Propane CH3-CH2-CH3 .

How many atoms of each element carbon and hydrogen and oxygen are in the molecule ch3o2oh?

In the formula CH3O2OH, there are one atom of carbon, three atoms of oxygen, and four atoms of hydrogen. (This is a strange way of writing the formula!)

How many carbon atoms are in cellulose?

There are 6 carbon atoms. Three common sugars share the same molecular formula. C6 H12 O6. Because of their six carbon atoms each is a hexose

A compound containing 3 atoms of carbon and 8 atoms of hydrogen is called?

The compound Propane [ Molecular formula = C3H8 ] is the compound containing 3 atoms of carbon and 8 atoms of hydrogen.Propane contains three carbon atoms and 8 hydrogen atoms.

Does calcium carbonate contains five atoms in its formula?

Yes, the formula is CaCO3. There are three oxygen atoms, 1 calcium atom and one carbon atom.

How many chlorine atoms are in three carbon tetraxhloride molecules?

The name carbon tetrachloride indicates a formula of CCl4. One molecule has 4 chlorine atoms, so three molecules would have 12 chlorine atoms.

How many carbons are there in 3H2CO3?

The carbon has no subscript, so there's one carbon atom per formula unit. The coefficient of 3 at the beginning indicates there are three formula units. That's 3 carbon atoms total.

What is the Lewis formula for C8H18?

Draw 8 carbon atoms in a row. And then join three hydrogen atoms to every carbon atom in the corners. Join two to the every other.

How many atoms does carbon dioxside?

Three atoms. Carbon dioxide is CO2

The number of carbon atoms in each pyruvate molecule?

There are three carbon atoms and three oxygen atoms in each pyruvate molecule.

Is CH3 -CH2 -CH3 a pentane?

No. The formula is for propane, not pentane. A pentane would have five carbon atoms, and this formula shows only three.

How can butane and isobutane both have the formula C4H10?

The molecules have different structures, that is, they atoms in the two compounds are bonded in a different arrangement, even though the atoms themselves are the same. A molecule of butane is a molecule with four carbon atoms in a chain. The two carbon at the end of the chain are bonded to three hydrogen atoms and those in the middle are each bonded to two. A molecule of isobutane consists of a central carbon atom bonded to a single hydrogen atom and three carbon atoms. Each of those three carbon atoms is additionally bonded to three hydrogen atoms.

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