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Q: Give 5 examlpes of acid and basic substances found in plant and animals?
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What is the basic unit of life and is found plants and animals?

The basic unit of life is a cell and it is found in plants and animals!

What is the basic type of cell found in the simplest animals?


What is the basic type of a cell found in the simplest animals?


Are the gum substances basic ingredients found in nature or are they made synthetically?

Yes, this ingredient is found naturally in the nature because it is petrol.

What are fossil fuels and how are they created?

They are fuels that are natural substances and are found in the earth from the remains from dead plants and animals

Basic kind of life cycle found in the simplest animals?

Live, eat, reproduce, die.

What are some bases found in a house?

If you mean basic substances (as opposed to acidic), then here are a few: Bleach Ammonia Baking Soda Milk of Magnesia

Is monosaccharide found in plant or animal?

Monosaccharide is found in some plant forms and all animals. Monosaccharide is a simple sugar and the most basic form of carbohydrate.

What is the simplest life cycle?

The basic kind of life cycle found in the simplest animals is very general. This basic lifestyle consists of birth, growing, and dying.

What substances are element?

All of the substances found in the Periodic Table are considered as elements. None others are.

What substances have the most potential to damage the ozone and where are they found?

The substances having the most potential are CFC's. They can be found as coolant in various areas.

What elements are always found in organic substances?

Carbon and Hydrogen are always found in organic substances. By definition carbon is what makes something organic.