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Some good things about the gold rush are that it contributed to westward expansion, it made many people wealthy, and it injected a large amount of gold into the economy. It was a short lived but important part of American history.

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Q: Good things about the gold rush?
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What is synonym for gold rush?

eureka rush for new wealth wave of migration for gold but none of them is as good as old 'gold rush'

What exciting things happened in Alaska?

The discovery of Gold and the Gold Rush.

What did they use gold for in the gold rush?

They used rope for tieng things together.

Was the gold in California gold rush good quality?

well technically all gold is ''good gold'' but the californian gold was pretty high standard

Why did the Chinese stand out of all nationalities in the gold rush?


What American gold rush was before the Victorian gold rush?

The Californian gold rush!

What did they use the rope for in the gold rush?

They used rope for tieng things together.

What year was the Yukon gold rush?

the klondike gold rush is the main name and they found gold 1896 but the actual rush began 1897

What the famous gold rush?

California gold rush

When was the the gold rush?

cariboo gold rush in b.c.,canada - 1857 but the actual gold rush didn't start until 1861

How did the arrival of diggers searching for gold during the gold rush in Australia affect the indigenous people?


What was the outcome of the klondike gold rush fir a majority of gold seekers?

it was a good moment n time