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We can reduce electricity wastage by the following:

  1. switch off the lights on electrical appliances when not in use
  2. use energy saving light bulbs
  3. go to bed early to save electricity
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things you can do to preserve electricity

-when washing a load fill the washer completely to prevent wasting water

-unplug your TV when you aren't using it

-let hot foods settle to room temperature before microwaving it

-roll up car windows before turning on heater

-turn off lights when they aren't in use

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Normally electricity is governmentally regulated and something that you yourself cannot keep a full-eye on. The only thing you can do is to keep an eye on your electricity bills to see if there's anything suspicious with them, like an unusual spike in electricity output. But other than that, there's really not much you can do to actually prevent it except call your electricity provider and the police if you suspect any illegal activity happening near you.

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Build more power plants, especially nuclear ones, which pollute the environment the least.

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Q: How can you prevent shortages of electric energy?
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