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# Take a bowl half full of water # Take a marker and make a mark on the bowl where the water line is. # Let the bowl of water sit out for a couple nights # You will see the water level dip below the line you drew on the side of the bowl

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Q: How could you set up an experiment to show the evidence of evaporation?
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How could you set up an experiment to show evidence of evaporation?

you can put a drop of water on a plane of glass and then watch it evaporate or you can but a breaker of water over a busen burn or open flame and watch the water level drop and then whilst this happening, put a plane of glass above it and water will condense (become a liquid) on the glass

How could you set up experiment to show evidence of evaporation?

Leave water in a dish in the sun, place a clear plastic sheet several centimeters over the dish in a tent-like shape, and have another dish on both sides of the primary dish. The water from the primary will end up in the collection dishes because the water will evaporate and then be stopped on the sheet, and drip in to them.

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Evaporation is not a chemical reaction.

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Put a cup of water in a windowsill for a few days. Everyday mark with a marker how much the water level has gone down. When it goes down, that means the water has evaporated.

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