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The scientific method is based off observation, experimentation, and learning things through your 5 senses.

The Catholic Church stressed faith and belief in what they told others. Sometimes, what you believe, cannot be determined as truthful through observation, experimentation, or your five senses.

Historically speaking, science quickly began to dispel a lot of the Church's traditional beliefs (i.e. the earth the is the center of the universe) and this upset the Catholic powers.

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Science explained how natural phenomena worked, which were normally attributed to acts of God.

People didn't need to know how, or why things worked. So when science came along and expalined things, it tested people's faith.

Evolution is just the tool God uses, in order to create things.

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Religion is faith in something you can not see or sense. Science requires evidence and measurement. Most religions require faith.

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Q: How did the scientific method threaten the Catholic Church?
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