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A micromole is 6.022 x 1017 molecules or atoms. Therefore it depends on what atoms you are requesting the weight of. For carbon-12, there are 12 grams per mole, so there would be 12 micrograms per micromole, or 0.012 milligrams. A mole of Oxygen molecules (O2) are 32 grams per mole, so that would be 0.032 milligrams per micromole. So, in general, first find the molecular weight of the atom or molecule in daltons, and then multiply that by the number of micromoles you have, and finally divide by 1000 to convert from micrograms to milligrams.

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I believe you are asking about how to convert the unit µmol m-2 s-1

into micromol m-2 s-1. The symbol "µ" is the SI (Système International otherwise known as metric) symbol for micro. No convertion needed. The unit µmol m-2 s-1 is commonly used in describing irradiance of light and in particle physics associated with light. Good luck figuiring out the rest of that...

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"Micro" means "millionth."

= 10^(-6), or 1 / 1,000,000.

1 mole = 1 x 10^-6 micromoles, or 1 / 1000000 moles.

"X" moles = X*10^6 or X / 1000000 or X/10^6

Converting micromoles to moles would simply mean you multiply the number by one million.

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The units of molecular mass are grams per mole. This is the same as micrograms per micromole. So you multiply micromoles by the molecular weight to get micrograms.

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multiply the micromoles with molecular weight of the substance being considered.

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Q: How do you convert micromoles to milligrams?
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How do you convert Milligrams per liter to moles per liter?

In order to convert between milligrams and micromoles, one has to know the molar mass of the substance in question, then simply convert from grams to moles. As an example, let's assume that the measurement is that of oxygen, or O2, and that there's 10 milligrams per liter. First, divide by 1,000, to convert to grams, in this case, .01 grams. Then, divide this amount by the molar mass, which represents the number of grams in a mole. For O2, this is approximately 31.9988. This gives us a result of around .0003125 moles, or 3.125 x 10^-4. Then, we multiply by 1,000,000 to convert from moles to micromoles. The end result is approximately 312.5 micromoles in the liter.

How many micrograms is 350 picomoles?

To convert grams to moles you need the molecular mass. Firstly you need to convert 350 picomoles to micromoles. 350/1,000,000 is 0.000350 micromoles. Then you multiply by the molecular weight of the compound.

Is 500 micromolar the same as 500 micrograms per liter?

No. Micromolar is a measure of micromoles per liter, not micrograms per liter. To convert between micrograms and micromoles, use the molar mass of the substance.

Convert moles per liter into micro moles per liter?

1 mole = 106 micromoles

How do you convert milligrams to 2.8 grams?

1000 milligrams is equal to 1 gram, therefore 2.8 grams is equal to 2800 milligrams. To convert from grams to milligrams multiply by 1000, and to convert milligrams to grams divide by 1000.

How convert 1.5g into milligrams?

Converting grams to milligrams can be easy. The amount in grams, is multiplied by 1000, to convert it to milligrams. 1.5 grams is 1500 milligrams.

How do you convert milligrams into centimeters?

You cannot convert milligrams to centimeters. Milligrams is a measure of mass. Centimeters is a measure of length.

How many micromoles is 0.59 millimoles?

There are 1000 micromoles in a millimole. Therefore you have to multiply by 1000. 0.59mmol is 0.59x1000 or 590 micromoles.

Convert milligrams to kilograms?

One kilogram is one million milligrams, and one milligram is one millionth of a kilogram. To convert kilograms to milligrams, multiply by one million. To convert milligrams to kilograms, divide by one million.

How do you get 242lb to milligrams?

To convert lbs to milligrams multiply by 454,000

How do you convert from milligrams to micrograms?

Multiply the number of milligrams by 1000.

How do you convert a gram of salt into milligrams?

There are 1,000 milligrams in a gram.