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Inches= (") as in 6" (six inches) feet(') 6' (six feet) 6'6" (six feet, 6 inches)

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Q: How do you indicate the measurement of inches?
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What is the measurement used to indicate printer resolution?

dpi is the measurement to indicate printer's resolution ...

316.8 in equals yard?

316.8 inches = 8.8 yards How to find the answer: 1 yard = 36 inches so : (measurement in yards)= (measurement in inches)/36 in this case, measurement in yards = (316.8 inches )/ (36 inches per yard)= 8.8 yards Note: (measurement in inches) = (measurement in yards) *36

Values that indicated the precision of a measurement?

Significant figures indicate the precision of a measurement.

How do you get from inches to feet?

To convert a measure in inches to a measurement in feet, you need to divide by twelve. Here's the simple formula: Inches Measurement divided by 12 = Measurement in feet

Inches to liters?

Impossible to answer ! Inches is a measurement of distance - Litres is a measurement of volume. The two are not interchangeable.

How do i convert 12 inches into kilograms?

This is impossible. You cannot convert kilograms into inches or inches into kilograms. Kilograms are a measurement of mass. Inches a measurement of length.

What is the abbreviation for inches?

The abbreviation for the measurement of an inch or inches is "in."

What is 7.7 inches?

7.7 inches is a measurement of distance.

What 102 inches in area?

Inches is a linear measurement.

How do you convert 100 kilos to inches?

The straightforward answer can't. Kilos is a measurement of weight and inches is a measurement of length.

What is 26 inches?

26 inches is an imperial measurement of length equal to the metric measurement of 66.04 centimetres

What is the exact measurement of 41.3 inches?

41.3 is an exact measurement.

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