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* * hi, if you open the fridge door look at the top or round the frame on my fridge there is a plastic switch type lever type thing push that and the light goes off

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Q: How do you know the light goes out when you close the fridge door?
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How could you see if a light in a refrigerator were on if you could not open the door?

You can't but if you open the door and press the door switch in and the light goes out then you know it is definitely out when the door is closed. <<>> Use the video recorder on your telephone. Set it to record, put it in the fridge, close the door, open the door and play back the recording. If it is too dark to watch this will probably answer your question.

2002 ford windstar door ajar sensor?

Spray lubricant in each door latch, open and close til light goes off. Had same problem for months and found solution on another forum.

Why is magnet used on wardrobe and fridge doors?

they can close easily and they shut off the electricity when a fire alarm goes off magnets don't work any more and the they can be turned on and off.

When a fridge door goes rusty you can tell it is a chemical change because?

The fridge reacts with oxygen in the air, therefore creating rust. An example of a chemical property is ability to react with oxygen.

How do you manually close a 1973 corvette headlight door?

All you have to do is reach up under the bumper and there is a bracket on the back of the light that you push up and the headlight goes down.

Keep Cats From Opening Bedroom Door?

close your door and/or put one of those things that goes over the door knob

Why does the door ajar light stay on on the road in your 2002 Lincoln ls?

First, check the trunk. There is a plastic cover that goes over the trunk latch; it pushes the pin in on the trunk when you close it. If it is not on properly you need to put it on so the light will stay on. If that doesn't work you have a bad door switch somewhere.

Door ajar light on dash is on after all doors are closed?

Possible faulty door switch.Try contact cleaner or light grade of lubricant on the switch. Push it i nby hand and see if door ajar light goes out.

How do electromagnet fire alarms work?

the electromagnet makes the door close when a fire alarm goes off

Where is the Door Fuse Located on a Dodge neon 2000. It says door fuse is out and my dome light will not go off so I took it out. where or how is the door fuse labeled in a 2000 dodge neon.?

it is the pastic push button inside of the door jam,when it is pushed IN the light goes off,OUT the light comes ON.

Where is the interior light activation button on the door of a 1995 Corsica that turns on or off the interior lights when the door is opened or closed?

I'm not familiar with the 95 Corsica's specific configuration, but on my '88, and this is true for a majority of vehicles when it comes to their courtesy light activation/deactivation door switches, is to look along the inide frame of the door where the door fits into the rest of the vehicle when you close it. You will generally see a little button surrounded by an "accordian" style rubber sleeve. Watch the courtesy light and press it with finger or thumb. If your light goes out, you've found it. On the '88, the switch is in the front of the door frame edge. You can't really miss it.

My 1994 acura integra door ajar light won't go off?

There are door switches that cause the light to go off. Shut all doors and press gently on each door to see if the light goes out. If not then the door switches will need to be removed one at a time to find the bad one.