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A mare is a smooth, dark area on the surface of the moon. A crater is a huge hole caused by a meteor or meteorite. Hope that satisfies you! If not come back soon and i'll have another answer.

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Q: How does a mare differ from a crater?
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How does a mare different from a crater?

A mare is different from an crater because mare means "sea" because it looks like there was once a huge sea there but it is really hardened lava. a crater is from an impact from a meteorite

Is a mare like a crater?

No, not at all.

What are the Geographical features of the moon?

Mare Serenitatis,(a big crater) and mare crislum (another rather large crater) there are also lots of other craters on the moon.

Which was formed first crater Tycho or mare Nubium?

Tycho was first before mare nubium

Which sea is the Thomson crater in on the moon?

Mare Ingenii, the Sea of Cleverness.

How do lunar maria differ from craters?

A mare is flat and a crater is round. A lunar mare (lunar maria is plural) are large flat plains on the surface of the moon that were made from volcanic eruptions. Craters on the other hand, are depressions in a surface that were caused by the impact of an object in the surface of the moon such as a meteor. Craters on a lunar mare are often used to help determine how long ago the volcanic eruptions occurred.

Is mare another word for crater?

A lunar mare is Latin for sea. The dark and relatively featureless lunar plains are called seas, because ancient observers thought they contained water. Hence why they are called "seas".

What is the Sea of Showers?

Mare Imbrium, Latin for "Sea of Showers" or "Sea of Rains", is a vast lunar mare. It was created when lava flooded a giant crater that formed when a massive object hit the Moon.See realted link for more information.

How does a crater differ from a caldera?

A crater is at the top of the central vent in most volcanoes and is funnel-shaped, and is already made, a caldera is a magma chamber that supplied material to the volcano until it empties and the roof collapses.

Is the Copernicus Crater a Volcanic crater?

No. Copernicus crater is an impact crater.

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What is the bowl shaped crater at the top of the volcano?

It is the crater.

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