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Observations are data that you can see, hear, sense.

Modeling is an explanation using the data you have from observation and experimentation.

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Q: How does modeling differ from experimentation?
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What are three components of ecology research?

They are observations, experimentation, modeling.

Do scientist use observation modeling and experimentation to study ecology?


How did the scientific method differ from the method of Aristotle?

It relied on experimentation and reason, not rhetoric.

How did scientific method differ from the method of Aristotle?

It relied on experimentation and reason, not rhetoric.

What is the next step in the scientific method following the formation of a hypothesis?

Make an Experimentation OR Perform an Experimentation .

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three types of modeling are their in verilog they are Gate level modeling Dataflow modeling or rlt level modeling behaviour modeling

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experimentation experimentation

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"The scientists are doing an experimentation with electricity."

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How did the scientific method differ from earlier approaches?

Unlike most earlier approaches, it did not rely on authorities like Aristolte or Ptolemy or even the Bible. It depended instead upon observation and experimentation.

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