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A standard barrel (Drum) is 55 gallons, therefore if the barrel is full of water it would weigh 440 pounds. An oil barrel is smaller and holds only 40 gallons and weigh apx 280 lbs as petroleum is lighter than water

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Q: How does one barrel weight?
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Muriel collects rainwater in a large barrel that weighs 20 pounds. When thereare 10 gallons of water in the barrel, the total weight of the barrel and thewater is 103.4 pounds. When there are 20 gallons of water, the total weight is186.8 pounds?

The barrel itself weighs 20 pounds. 10 gallons of water, therefore, weights 103.4 minus the weight of the barrel itself. 103.4-20 = 83.4 20 is twice as much as ten, so 83.4 * 2 = 166.8 pounds. If we add the barrel back in, we have a total weight of 166.8 + 20 = 186.8

What is the average weight of a barrel of oil?

Between 250 and 300 pounds for the oil itself.

How much diesel from one barrel of oil?

It's 9 gallons per barrel of oil.

How many grams per barrel of oil?

I'm assuming that you're talking about crude oil and that you realize the "gram" is a measurement of weight and not volume. Understand also that the weight of crude oil will differ dependig on its temperature and where it comes from. The answer is as follows: Crude oil can weigh anwhere from 790 kilograms per cubic meter to 973 kilograms per cubic meter. Since there are 42 gallons in one barrel, its weight will range from 125,600 grams to 154,695 grams.

How many tons in 10063 bbl of diesel?

bbl stands for billion barrels. One gallon of diesel weighs 7.3 lbs. Since there are 55 gallons per barrel, the contents of one full barrel would be close to 400 lbs. 10 trillion barrels is therefore 4x1015 lbs, or 2 trillion tons. When the fuel is burned, the carbon and hydrogen are oxidized releasing water vapor and carbon dioxide. Since two atoms of oxygen combine with one of carbon, the weight of the gas released exceeds the weight of the fuel burned by about a factor of three.

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How much weight one barrel of asphalt will be?

If it's a standard barrel weight is 6 Metrics

How much does a barrel of rice weight?

One barrel of rice equals 147.645 pounds. One Barrel of rice actually weights 162 pounds or 1.62 hundred weight. A Barrel is an official weight for rice harvested and sold in Louisiana.

How many gallons of honey are in a barrel?

55 gallons and the weight will vary from 660 lbs to just under 700 lbs not including the weight of the barrel. Honey is sold by weight. One gallon will weigh a little over 12 lbs. The barrels are steel with a weight of 40 lbs. When you purchase a barrel, you will have the weight of the honey then a tare weight of 40 lbs. The total weight of the barrel will be over 700 lbs.

Weight barrel of oil?


If you have ten barrels 9 filled with one oz balls and one with 2 oz balls With only one weighing how do you find the barrel with two oz balls?

->Take one ball from barrel one, two from barrel two, three from barrel three, etc. Weigh the balls. The number of ounces over 55 ounces will indicate which barrel has the heavier balls. If the weight is 60 ounces, barrel 5 has the heavier ones.

How many kilo grams for one barrel?

A barrel is not a unit of measure, but rather a type of container for holding things. Since barrels can be of different volumes and hold matter of various density, there is no standard weight for a barrel of anything.

Does recoil increase with a shorter shotgun barrel?

Weight is what affects recoil. Cut the barrel, reduce the weight, recoil will increase if all else is equal.

What is the best weight ammo for 40 caliber with 3.25 inch barrel?

It depends on what you are using it for and which one groups best.

How much does a barrel of water weight?

357 pounds

How can we convert barrel to ton?

Use a density factor to make a barrel to ton conversion. The ton is a metric weight and the barrel is a volume measurement.

What does it mean if a gun has a fluted barrel?

The barrel has deep grooves milled into the outside of the barrel. Called flutes, the grooves reduce the weight of the barrel, yet leave it a stiff barrel with very good accuracy.

Is an octagonal rifle barrel more resistant to vibration waves than a round barrel?

Weight is the main factor

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