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Large amounts of energy are expended

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Q: How does the conversion of water to a gaseous state contrast to the conversion of many compounds?
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What process involves the conversion to a gaseous state from solid state?


Which process involves the conversion from liquid state to a gaseous state?


How do you compare and contrast evaporation and sublimation?

Evaporation is changing of liquid state into gaseous state. Sublimation is changing of solid state into gaseous state.

Difference between evaporation and vaporization?

Vaporization is the conversion of a solid or liquid into a gaseous state. Evaporation is a type of vaporization, where liquid is converted to a gaseous state where the environment is not saturated.

What are forms in a gaseous state under similar conditions as oil?

Under similar conditions as oil, forms in a gaseous state would include natural gas and vaporized petroleum compounds. Natural gas is primarily composed of methane and can be found in fossil fuel deposits. Vaporized petroleum compounds refer to the gases that are released when crude oil is heated or subjected to high pressure, such as ethane, propane, and butane.

What would you describe actone in the gaseous state as vapor or a gas?

Vapour. Generally, 'gas' describes the state of a single element, whereas 'vapour' is used more commonly with compounds like acetone.

What does gaseous mean?

In its gas state. For example, Hydrogen at room temperature exits in its gaseous state.

What state of matter is soil?

Soil is an aggregate mix of compounds both organic and inorganic, and despite its plastic or powdery texture usually is considered to be in the solid state, although it does have some liquid or gaseous components.

Is the conversion of liquid water into gaseous water is a chemical change?

No, the only thing being changed are the physical properties of the water, its still just water after the conversion

What is heliums chemical state?

gaseous state.

What state was helium discovered in?

in gaseous state.

What is nitrogen's final state?

Gaseous state.