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Q: How does the differences in voice level and speech patterns affect understanding?
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Which best describes the function of the association area of the temporal lobe?

understanding speech sounds

How does aphasia affect speech?

Persons with aphasia have trouble with expressive language, what is said, or receptive language, what is understood. Not only are speech and understanding speech affected, but also reading and writing is affected. The severity of aphasia varies.

Which bestdescribes thefunction of theassociationarea of thetemporal lobe?

understanding speech sounds

How can health problems affect communication?

People may not be willing to talk to you as they feel uneasy about themselves, and depending on which health problem they suffer from, different things will affect there speech and understanding.

What is speech analytics used for?

Speech analytics is used for determining patterns in a person's speech. These patterns can be used to tell thing like if the person is nervous or not telling the truth.

What are different speech patterns?

what are the different voice level and speech pattern

What does organizational patterns for speech include?

Organizational patterns for speech include cause and effect patterns. Another popular pattern implemented is problem-solution patterns. Problem-solution patterns are most commonly used because they effectively convey a message.

What are some of the cultural differences that might impact on communication processes?

There are many cultural differences that may impact communication, even within the same country. Different accents and speech patterns, as well as inability to access internet or cell phones, can impact communication.

If a person uses speech patterns relating to one region he is said to have a dialect?

If a person uses speech patterns relating to one region, she is said to have a dialect.

What part of speech is the word patterns?

A pattern is a noun

The term dialect refers to?

Local or regional speech patterns

What is the meaning of the term dialect?

Local or regional speech patterns