How does water sort particles?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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It breaks to pieces

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water is sorted by love

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Q: How does water sort particles?
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How does flowing water sort particls?

The water has kinetic energry in it so the energy takes the particles off the rock and the water sorts it's pieces flow and the particles are mixed together and sorts it

How does a crab eat?

Well this sort of crab (the camouflage crab) I've researched it and it scavenge's all the dead particles in the water

When water freezes the water particles?

the water particles become solid paticles

Particles in water?

Comic strip about a group of water particles

Which is fastest ice water or water vapor?

The particles in water vapor are faster than the particles in ice water.

How can you tell that the particles in a cup of water are moving slower or faster?

hot water has fast moving particles, and cold water has slow moving particles

Are water particles really water molecules?

If you mean the smallest particle of water that has the properties of water, then yes, water particles are molecules.

Which form of water has particles moving the slowest?

Ice is the form of water that has particles moving the slowest. This is because the water is solid and the particles are tightly compacted.

Which has the most energy particles in steam particles in liquid water particles in ice or particles in freezing water?

The particles have most energy in particles in steam. In a gas. the particles move more freely, Therefore, there is more energy in the steam. :D LOL

How do these particles interact with water vapor in the air?

The particles cause water vapor to evaporate

Are oxygen made out of clouds?

No, clouds are water particles, but water particles have oxygen in them! :D

Why do the tea particles spread out quicker in hot water then cold water?

This can be explained using particle theory. The hotter the water is, the more energy the water has. The more energy the water has, the more its particles will move. Therefore, the the hotter water is, the more its particles move. Because the particles move more and faster, they 'bump into' more tea particles, which causes the tea particles to move more. The more the tea particles move, the quicker they will spread through the water and the quicker they can diffuse.