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About 660 feet per minute.

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It equates to 10 miles per hour.

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66 (feet / second) = 45 mph

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Q: How fast is 660 feet per minute?
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How fast is 18700 feet per minute?

18,700 feet per minute equates to 212.5 miles per hour.

How fast is 500 feet a minute?

500 feet per minute = 5.7 mph

What travels 11 feet per minute?

Anything that travels 660 miles per hour, such as a jet aircraft.

If you got 11 feet per second how many miles per hour?

7.5 miles an hour 11 * 60 secs in a minute 660 feet per minute * 60 minutes per hour 39600 Feet per hour / 5280 feet per mile

What is 180 miles a day coverted to miles a minute?

180 miles per day (24 hours) equates to 0.125 miles (660 feet) per minute.

How fast does air come out of a standing fan?

Fans are usually rated in cubic feet per minute, so divide the volume per minute in cubic feet by the area of the fan in square feet, and the answer is the speed in feet per minute.

How do you convert 14 miles per minute to feet per second?

14 miles = 73920 meters1 minute = 60 secondsso73920/60 = 1232 feet per second.Wicked fast!

How fast are you going if you can drive 55 feet in 58 seconds?

0.646mph or 56.85 feet per minute.

If you walk 1 mile in 8 minutes what is your rate in feet per minute?

1 mile = 5280 feet5280 feet / 8 minutes = 660 ft/min.

How fast is 18210 fpm in mph?

18,210 feet per minute = 206.93 mph

How fast is a 9000 foot dissent in one minute?

150 feet per second.150 feet per second.150 feet per second.150 feet per second.

How fast is 1200 fpm in mph?

1,200 feet per minute = 13.64 miles per hour (rounded)