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Heat is transferred by energy waves moving through space.

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Q: How is heat transfered through radiation?
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How is heat transferred through space?

heat is transfered through space by radiation.

How is heat energy transferd?

Heat is transfered through conduction, direct contact, convection, movement through liquids and gases, and radiation.

How is Radiation is heat transfer?

it is transfered by somthing

How heat transfer?

Heat can be transfered by convection, radiation or conduction.

Heat energy from the sun is transfered to earth by?


What are the 3 ways for movement of heat?

Heat can be transfered by convection, radiation, or conduction.

Heat can be transfered by conduction or radiation?

Er, yes it can - and by convection.

How can heat be transfered?

Conduction, convention, radiation, mass transfer.

What are some ways heat is transfered?

By conduction,convection and radiation

What are the 3 methods by which heat can be transfered?

Conduction, convection, radiation.

What is heat transfered by electromagnetic waves through space?

Radiation is the mode of transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic wave. Infra red radiations are nothing but heat radiations.

Where is heat primarily transferred by radiation?

point 3 b/c Radiation allows heat to be transfered through wave energy, and if you see the chart on SI you can see the waves on the side of the glass