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There are four angles in square. All of them are right angels.

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none there are no angels in a square

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Q: How many angels are in a square?
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How many right angels in a square?

There are 4 right angles in a square.

How many angels does a square based pyramid have?

angels are a fictional creature. you mean angles.

How many right angels does a square?

a square has 4 right angles if not than no clue

How many acute angels dose a square have?

none all it has is right angles

How many interior angels does a square have?

5 because of the verticies and the vertex ♥

You have 2 pairs of parallel sides all of your angels are right angels you are not a square?

If you are not a square then you are a rectangle.

What has 2 right angels?

a square

What plane figure has four straight sides and four angels?

it is a square because a square has four side and four right angels

Are the angels inside a square acute angels or obtuse angles?

Neither because the 4 angles inside a square are all right angles.

What is a quadrilateral with opposite angels are congruent?


Does a square have right angels?

All four corners of a square are right angles.

What is a polygon with equal sides and equal angels?

square :)