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1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for you

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two; salt and water

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Sodium ions and chloride ions

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Q: How many components are in salt and water when combined?
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How is Great Salt Lake used?

to get water and salt combined

What do you get when a acid and base are combined?

A salt and usually water.

What 2 components does your body lose when you tear?

Water and Salt

What are the principles components of urine?

Water, salt, uric acid.

What are the two major components the ocean is made of?

Water and Salt

How would you separate the components of a glycerol table salt and water solution?

Boiling off the water from a salt solution will separate the solid salt and water (which can be collected by a condenser).

What do acids and bases form when combined with water?

They combine to create a salt and water. Note that it is a salt and not just salt. Salt refers to any ionic compound, excluding oxides.

What is the components of sea water?

Water (H2O) and Salt (NaCl) with small amounts of Calcium

Is salt water an element compound or mixture?

Salt water is a mixture: the individual components (salt, water and minerals) can be easily separated by evaporation.Salt and water themselves are compounds; they are composed of the elements sodium and chlorine (salt), and hydrogen and oxygen (water).

Why is salt solutions is considered to be a mixture?

This is a homogeneous mixture because contain two components: water and salt.

What is called when an acid and a base are combined to make salt and water?

An acid and a base combining is called a neutralization reaction, and it forms salt and water.

How will you separate all the components of a mixture of sand and salt in water-?

add all the components and mix them in a glass. strain the water from strainer in other glass and the sand will be separated. boil the water until it evaporates fully. water will be separated and the salt will be left.