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Dicots is short for dicotyledons. Di- is a prefix meaning two, dicotyledons (dicots) have two seed leaves, cotyledons.

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Q: How many cotyledons do dicots have?
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How many cotyledon does a cucumber seed have?

Cucumbers are a dicot. Therefore they have two cotyledons. All dicots have two cotyledons.

Do beans have 2 cotyledons?

Beans are dicots that means they have 2 cotyledons

What do dicots always have two of?


Why peanuts are dicots?

no peanuts are not monocots. since they contain two cotyledons, they are dicots

Flowering plants are classified as monocots or dicots according to the number of their?


How are monocots and dicots alike?

They both have seedcoats. They both have cotyledons. They both have epicotyl.

Is a peanuts is a monocot or a dicot?

Peanuts are dicots since they contain two cotyledons

Why are Green Beans Monocot?

Green beans, like all beans, are dicots. They have two cotyledons.

What are the seed leaves that provide energy for young seedlings of angiosprms called?

Angiosperms that produce seeds with two cotyledons are called dicots. The cotyledons are the seed leaves produced by the embryo.

Are beans monocots or dicots?

Beans are dicots. Plant a bean seed in a sunny window and in a few days you will see for yourself. Two fairly large "leaves" will spring from the soil. These are the initial cotyledons that will help nourish the plant until its first real leaves form a few days later. The cotyledons will then cease to function and will usually turn yellowish and will fall off.

Is a green bean monocot or dicot?

Green beans, like all beans, are dicots. They have two cotyledons.

Is a blueberry a manocot or dicot?

it is a dicot because dicots have petals in groups of 4 or 5. and have 2 cotyledons and have woody stems.