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If you assume all of the 1080 W of electrical power is converted to heat flow then you can use the conversion 1 W = 2.39 x 10^-4 KCal/sec to get 1080 W = .258 KCal/sec. There is probably less then that as some of the wattage has to run the fan motor, but it gives you an upper limit on how much heat flow to exoect.

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Q: How many kilocalories of heat does the operation of a 1080 W hair dryer produce each second?
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1 W = 1 J/s 4190 J = 1 kcal 1200 J/s * 1 kcal/4190 J =0.286 kcal/s =17 kcal/min. Aren't you glad you don't have to run that hair dryer by pedaling a bicycle?

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