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would there not be 6 linear meters in 1 cubic meter?? 6 sides on the cubic meter??

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Q: How many linear meters in 1 cubic meter?
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How many linear meter in 1 cubic meter?

Linear meters (Length) can not be converted to cubic meters (Volume)

How many meters in a linear meter?

The meter is, by definition, a unit of distance or linear measurement. It is not necessary to say "linear," unless you are emphasizing the difference from square meters or cubic meters.So, to answer your question, there is one linear meter per meter, because they are one and the same.Another answerA linear meter is a commonly-used phrase and description for lengths of fabric.A linear meter is a meter length from a roll of fabric. Usually in Europe the width of the roll is 1.46m, so a linear meter is an oblong 1m x 1.46mSo (in this particular example):1 x Linear Meter = 1.46 square metersOne.

How many square meters in a meter?

none. 'A meter' is linear.

How many linear meters are their in 1.85 meter?

1.85 linear meters.

How many cubic meter in HQ?

100000000000 cubic meters

How many meters are in a cubic meter?

This cannot be done. A cubic meter is a volume and a square meter is an area.

How many sq meter for cubic meters?

4 meter

How many linear meter in 30 meters?

Metres and linear metres are the same measurement - the word linear is used to contrast it from square metres or cubic metres. Therefore, 30 metres is equal to 30 linear metres.

How many cubic meters makes a liter?

One cubic meter is equal to 100 linear centimeters cubed, which is 1,000,000 (one million) cubic centimeters. One litre is equal to 10 centimeters cubed, or 1,000 cubic centimeters. Therefore, there is 1/1000 (one thousandth) of a cubic meter in one litre.

How many meters is 87000 sq meters?

87000 sq meters is equivalent to 87000 meters. It represents the length of a square with an area of 87000 square meters.

How many cubic meters are in a cubic liter?

one thousandth cubic meter (1 cubic meter = 1000 cubic liter)

2.9m is how many linear meter?

2.9 meters is equivalent to 2.9 linear meters.