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I am not sure but i know there are power plants in 31 of the 50 united states.

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Q: How many nuclear power plants are in America?
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How many people have died due to accidents and pollution from nuclear power plants compared to how many have died due to accidents and pollution from coal power plants?

There technically is no "pollution" from nuclear power, the only by product is steam. The transport and storage of spent nuclear fuel is extremely secure and safe. The only time we are in danger of nuclear radiation are if the reactor vessels that house the nuclear rods are damaged or melt....which is extremely rare and only happens with a massive failure in the chain of events that govern and sustain the supply (in theory, a deliberate attack on a power plant would also cause a spill, too. Yet, so far, that hasn't happened). In the end, thousands of people die every year from the burning of fossil fuels, where as virtually nobody dies from the use of nuclear power. Over 85 of France's power usage comes from nuclear power, after all.

Is nuclear power alternative?

Nuclear power is an alternative to fossil fuel power, although many people are not happy with it and would like to use different alternatives.

Why the change in building nuclear power plants in the US now?

There seem to be three main strands to this: one that conventional energy sources are mainly in unsettled areas of the world and therefore possibly unsure in the future, two that nuclear power does not contribute to global warming, and three that many existing nuclear plants are quite old and will eventually have to be decommissioned, probably due to concerns about pressure vessel integrity, and therefore will need to be replaced by new plants unless more coal is to be used.

How many fossil fuels power plants are there in the US?


How many fossil fuel power plants are there in the US?

There are at least 600 coal fired power plants in the US, providing 31.2% of U.S. electric capacity (as of 2005).

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